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Mensa International: Organization for Chosen

Mensa International is an organization uniting people with IQ more than two percent of the population. There is no clear boundary of the minimum score as all the IQ tests are different. The score for the Stanford-Binet test is 132 and for Cattell one is 148. Only the percentage compared to the main mass of people can be compared. Anyone, whose IQ meets the membership requirements, can pass Mensa test. To do this, you just need to pass a standardized test for IQ and the representative of the organization should be present. If there are no such people in the country, the request should be sent to the International Menza. Please, note online testing of potential members of the community is prohibited.

There are more than 110 thousand people in different countries (50 national teams) who are members of Mensa. If the person wants to be a member of such an organization, he can personally join Mensa International. The majority of large organizations are Americans and English (56 and 25.5 thousand Members, respectively), being divided into subgroups.

There are own constitution, charter, and ideas: — the intellect of people to serve all the humanity; — It is necessary to develop the intellect, its nature and characteristics; — Creation of suitable conditions for the development of community members.

Origins of the Mensa High IQ Society

Let's talk about origins of the largest and most famous organizations. An attorney from Australia Ronald Berry and a scientist from England Lancelot Lionel, decided to create an organization uniting people with high IQ all around the World. They did not mind political or material goals, their goal was to make Mensa free from social differences, so that people were not united according to material status, but also considering their mind and intellect. 

Participation in various cultural and social events, united according to their interests, creating separate groups, functioned both locally and internationally — that is great! Variability of groups exists because of a wide variety of jobs and special interests or hobbies of participants.

Members of Mensa regularly visit and organize Diverse events, including annual ones, which are held in different cities are organized by Mensa members. Participants can have a carefree fun, listen to stories and play games. A huge number of activities aimed at expanding the worldview are also conducted.

Would you like to try your hand at the test? Perhaps you will be the best among the best!  

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