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IQ test scores

IQ > 143

You have excellent creative and logical abilities that can help you succeed in any industry. There are only 0.2% of people with your level of IQ! Your name has every chance to sound as loud as the names of Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking - because you have the same level of IQ. Such people as you are able to make a high contribution to the development of knowledge and science, to create new inventions and theories.


135 < IQ < 143

Only 5 percent of all the population has such a high IQ. As a rule, these are successful people with high intellectual abilities, high level of self-learning and perception of information. You are able to reach heights in different fields of activity, science and creativity. Among the famous people who have a similar result passing the test - Madonna and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


125 < IQ < 135

The intellectual level above the average shows only about 6% of all the population. You have good logic, which often allows you to find a solution in difficult situations. Such people do not always learn well, but stand out against the background of classmates with a lively inquisitive mind and wit. You are able to realize yourself in a variety of professions and achieve high results.


115 < IQ < 125

You have an excellent intelligence - better than most people on the planet. Such people often become department heads, connect their lives with computers, successfully conduct their business. With the proper share of perseverance and diligence, you are able to develop your abilities and reach heights in any field of activity.


100 < IQ < 115

You have an average level of IQ, the same level has about 25% of the population, among them many rich and successful people. You are able to master any profession, engage in creativity and achieve a good level in the chosen area.


90 < IQ < 100

If your score is less than one hundred points, do not be discouraged, because the same figure is in 25% of the population.Do not forget that our brain is a muscle, constantly training which, you can develop your talents and raise the level of IQ.


80 < IQ < 90

About 10% of the population have an IQ below average. Often such people work in areas that do not require the constant use of intellectual abilities.


70 < IQ < 80

About 10% of the population have an IQ below 80. Such people find it difficult to study in a regular school, they hardly learn new material. People from this group are extremely rarely able to get higher education.


50 < IQ < 70

About 7% of people have an IQ level of 50 to 70, which often indicates serious problems of mental activity. It is quite difficult for them to become full members of society. Such people are able to perform physical work that does not require serious intellectual efforts.


IQ < 50

About 2% of people have an IQ level below 50, indicating mental retardation.If you got this result, then try to pass the test again - maybe you just could not concentrate or were very tired. After all, if you can use the Internet and a computer, your IQ is certainly above 50 points.

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