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IQ by race and ethnicity

How does the race, ethnic background and career influence the average intelligence?

Left often accuse conservatives of being uneducated, but when it comes about conversations connected with wages of men and women, or just talking about the level of intelligence, they become unfriendly and refuse to talk.

Where did these questions about IQ come from?

Do you know men have much better intelligence than women? I do not want to ignore this fact. The research results show that 1.438 times more men than women have IQ more than 120, and 2.525 times more men are with IQ more than 140.

Nevertheless, men are currently seizing the STEM area, thus making it difficult for women to find work in such "smart" areas. The likely result is that women with a lower IQ level are selected from among men with a higher IQ level due to discrimination against men. At the moment, the number of men who prefer going to college has become much smaller, and the ratio of women to men on campuses is almost 2: 1.

Although we assure that the soul and nature of man is important to us, however, various studies refute this fact and show that the level of intelligence also plays a colossal role.

IQ is an important measurement of human intelligence and is far from an indicator of education; in fact, IQ tests do not even require literacy, even children from 2 years old can pass them! The number of textbooks read does not affect the level of intelligence. Recent research shows that IQ should be mostly genetic, possibly up to 80 percent.

Income, work and career, fertility rate, crime rate and imprisonment, happiness and satisfaction with life, health and morbidity, life expectancy, marriage level and divorce, regardless of whether a woman will have children out of wedlock and enjoy welfare — all it depends on the level of intelligence and charisma rights. Do not ignore this indicator — it actually means much more than you would have imagined.

Consider a couple of examples?

If we take people with an intelligence level above 125, then 2 percent of them have a child out of wedlock, compared to 32 percent of people, but with an IQ of less than 75 percent. Only 2 percent live with high IQ level in poverty, compared with 30 percent of people with IQ less than 75. Typically, 55 percent of students with IQ less than 75 percent get out of school; 35 percent with IQ 75-90; 6 percent for the average range between 90-110; 0.4 percent with IQ from 110-125; and 0 percent for IQ above 125.

Usually, people with average IQ are often married before the age of 30. Those with a high level of intelligence (above 125) are less likely to marry at the age of 30 with people of low IQ. White men with the highest IQ are the least likely to contract marriage (0 percent), usually only 7 percent of them marry before age 75. An index of middle-class values was developed that assesses a person's likelihood of having a stereotypical middle-class life, for example, graduating from high school, not being imprisoned, being married to his first spouse, being in the labor force (for men) and not having a child out of wedlock (for women).

This index was developed by Richard J. Hernstein and Charles Murray, authors of The Bell Courve. The lower IQ, the less likely that someone will live with such values: 16 percent for less than 75 IQ; 30 percent for IQ of 75-90; 50 percent for IQ 90-100; 67 percent for IQ 110-125; and 74% of them with IQ above 125 have these average values. An interesting fact is that the evaluation of intellectual intelligence is practically the best way to determine how successful a person will be in economic terms. High level of intelligence does not guarantee a high salary, but it will be very interesting to talk with such a person. This is a person who sensibly evaluates every situation, thinks consistently and behaves decently.

However, many of such people have physical deviations. If a person has an intelligence level higher than 100 - this means that he can exactly live in a western country with an average salary. This level of intelligence is very beneficial for complex and confusing tasks, but it is for work where physical labor is required.

White Privilege or IQ?

There is an opinion that white people are not created for hard work and are smarter, although in fact white people are far from the most successful American race. Jews and Asians - the two groups that survived past difficulties and discrimination - are the most respected people in America. They are followed by white, Hispanic and black.

The income level is directly related to the IQ coefficients. The highest income is for the Jewish population with the highest IQ, followed by Asians, white, Hispanics and blacks. There are also many other situations and exceptions. The average Indian intelligence level is 82.2, but they have a stable income of $100,547, probably because of an electoral immigration policy. And a very large number of uneducated Americans occupy high and leading positions. Most likely, this data should not be given much importance, because judging people by the color of the skin is so stupid. These data are obviously insignificant.

However, this means that it is possible to build a Western world if the current immigration courses continue. Let's look at the results of the 2016 research: the USA (average IQ 78), Syria (83), Burma / Myanmar (87), Iraq (87) and Somalia (68). Recall that mental retardation begins with a rate of 70. These indicators mean that these refugees, in comparison with immigrants in Japan (105), Taiwan (104), Italy (102) or Switzerland (101) await a difficult fate in the form of imprisonment, unemployment and inaccessibility of education. Immigration data supports the theory.

According to the Heritage Foundation, companies headed by persons without a secondary school education receive on average US $46,582 in state benefits each year, but pay only US $11,469 in taxes, which is a tax burden for taxpayers of US $35,111 US per year. In contrast, households with college leaders receive an average of US $24,839 in government benefits, but pay US $54,089 in taxes, providing US $29,250 for the government to redistribute to others.

The welfare of families of first-generation immigrants varies greatly depending on race, the lowest among Asians and whites, and the highest among the countries of Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and Africa. Most likely, you will think about many things after reading this article. Discuss this topic more - because it is very important.

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