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Who's smarter: men or women?

For what reason do women become mathematicians? There is an opinion that this is because of sexism and stereotypes, however, if honestly, you will not often meet an astrophysicist girl. And all because there are not so many intelligent girl all over the wirld. Just give it without offense :)

Undoubtedly, men have a higher level of intelligence and this is difficult to argue with. Each study subjects this data. IQ is not an indicator of something ideal, but it gives us an understanding of the person.

People demonstrate the enormous potential of their intellectual abilities. In this fact we are assured by Josh Aronson, a professor of applied psychology at NYU, using several different intelligence measures, including IQ and SAT scores. It is interesting to note men are more intelligent and stupid than women. Same results show why men play chess better. Interestingly, for the first 15 years, men and women have about the same level of intelligence, and then it starts to rise in men.

The effect of sex differences in IQ is the most radical. Since many of the most prestigious roles in society are associated with a high level of intelligence, the lack of female representation in these roles may be partly due to the fact that women become competitive at the highest level. In other words, men have a very high level of intelligence right from birth, and the higher someone's IQ, the more likely they are to be men. Despite the fact that the ratio between men and women relative to the average IQ is 100, with IQ 130-150, the ratio between men and women is 2.5: 1.

These results were obtained in a poll of 36 questions, which required minimal knowledge for the answer, attentiveness, understanding of associations and images. The tests were given an unlimited amount of time, so the test was unlike the standard Mensa testing. The test results do not elevate someone and do not make gods of people with a high level of intelligence. This survey only proves that the difference between men and women at the lower end of the scale is small, and that is only because people are getting smarter.

"Men are smarter than women" - how correctly and honestly the statement is?

The main thing is that the only reason for gender equality is not discrimination, otherwise it will be quite stupid. Nowadays, indulgences are made to women. It has affected the sphere of education. Often they are indulged in examinations and, perhaps, this is the reason more girls study in the universities than boys.

In a free society, women choose topics that are most interesting to them, therefore efforts for gender equality in STEM are foolish. High IQ rates among women will continue to be introduced by STEM, as always. 

Forcing those who are not elite, to compete with those who do not have the authority is cruelty. It is important to note that feminists are trying for their ideological purposes, and not for what simply to remind oneself. The skills of IQ, which are necessary to solve the most complex puzzles in mathematics and physics, and not verbal communication, are simply better for men. The work that manages society and technology looks very similar to the IQ test, in which the male sex feels more confident.

Did you know that there is a reason why there are no really remarkable women artists, and that the pictures, written by women, do not have such high prices as those that are written by men? (And no, this is not rooted sexism in the art market.)

Do not expect that at the next time in the world will appear the greatest female artist.

Although art forms that focus on communication and empathy, such as novel writing, do enjoy a strong feminine view. This is such a controversial topic.

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