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Simple steps to increase your IQ level

how to raise iq level

1. Changing daily routine

Change your habitual routine of the day

Make the brain to choose new ways of doing usual things. What about brushing teeth using another hand?

Walk as if you are coming back through time. Talk to yourself in another language. Do whatever you can to change the usual alignment. Such activities open our brain. We often take the simplicity of life for granted, especially when we have already developed a certain pattern of behavior. But when you break the habitual routine, the brain must retrain the skill, stimulating it to work better.



Many studies have shown that meditations are good not only for relieving stress and improving mood, they also help to improve brain function. Practice shows meditations improve the flow of blood to the brain, train patience, concentration and memory. In addition, meditation is as relaxing as possible. Try to meditate for 30 minutes a day. You can divide this process 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes. It is better to meditate in the morning, when you wake up, after all the exercises and at night before going to bed.

Do not forget to take supplements

Do not use chemistry — it is better to consume natural supplements. They are considered the safest. Determining the doses is the most important thing. Be sure to consult your physician. Some of the most useful and effective additives are creatine, caffeine, ginkgo biloba and omega-3 fatty acids.

Start doing regular aerobic exercises

Breathing is directly related to the duration of concentration. Try scuba diving or running. If you do not like it, then any other aerobic exercises will be useful. Do sport twice a day for 45 minutes after awakening and before you go to bed. You can finish these exercises with meditation. Such a physical load is useful for your figure, and, you know, good appearance improves mood. The more endorphins released during exercise, the more active your brain will be, and the better you will feel.

Sleep when your brain really wants it

sleeping girl

For some people the most productive time of day is 9 am, for others it is 9 pm. Sometimes it can take 3 o'clock in the morning, or only after the third cup of coffee. As all the people are different, sleep when your brain needs it.

Do you work best at night? Do your best, sleep until dinner. It does not mean you are lazy, it means that you are wise. Also, try to sleep up to 9 hours a day. When you feel tired, your brain can not function on 100%. In this state, it understates its abilities, putting you in a kind of hibernation, and does only the most necessary, like breaths and supports vital processes in the body. Constant sleep deficits also do not allow the brain to develop its potential and can lead to various mental and physical diseases.



2. Practice skills

Reading is one of the most amazing things!

books reading

Read as much as possible. Without taking into account genetics, education is a huge factor contributing to the development of your IQ.

Try to read about science, for example about mathematics and physics. Different sciences increase the understanding of the world, which in turn improves perception, vocabulary, logic, spatial and mathematical abilities. Nowadays you can find a lot of educational resources on the Internet. There can be Lecterium, Universumium, or even materials on YouTube.

Play various logic games, making verbal puzzles

puzzle for iq

To prevent dementia and to maintain high brain activity, solve puzzles and tasks! Download applications such as Lumosity, What Saying, Quiz Up and other games, activating all the internal reserves of your brain. Get out of your games and devote more time to your IQ. Wexler's IQ tests and Stanford-Binet do not measure intelligence in one simple form. They rather have a set of tasks, measuring your ability to quickly comprehend things.

Go through the tests again and again


The test for IQ level is no different from the chemistry test that you took 4 times at school to pass the exam. All the IQ tests have the same basic structure and type of questions. Therefore, the more tests you pass, the better results will be. Tests that you can go online for free are not exactly the kind you may have taken in a job center or attending the psychiatrist. If you want to know your current level of IQ, you will have to deal with a real test. For such a test, as a rule, a fee is charged, so always try your best.

Get a new experience

new experience

When you do the same thing day in and day, the brain switches to autopilot mode. But when you have a new experience, the brain awakens and absorbs everything, cheered up for change. Therefore, instead of watching the next movie in the evening, lying on your favorite comfortable sofa, you better look for a museum, an exhibition or some new place that will be interesting to visit for keeping your brain in good shape.

Attending a new place or trying a new meal is already perfect experience. Thus, you expand your knowledge and become better informed for future decisions. But the more they differ, the better. Consider this an occasion for an exotic vacation!

Learn something new

learn new

Active learning of new things helps your brain to create connections that were previously impossible. Learning a new skill, such as juggling, playing chess, lacrosse, or any other activity that you have never done before, will be incredibly useful for your brain. Learning a new language is a great way to get the brain to work on new ways. This awakens all the inactive parts of the brain and is also impressive and useful in the real world.

3. Changing the diet

changing diet

Eat lots of protein for breakfast

The protein has the ability to increase the production of neurotransmitters of the brain, which in turn increases all the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine. You will improve the alertness! This is especially important because breakfast prepares you for the coming day and fills with energy. Sugar for breakfast simply leads to a sharp drop in energy levels in a couple of hours, which slows you down and makes you even hungrier than before.

Have a bite of dark chocolate


It is full of antioxidants and flavonols, being also rich in magnesium, vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E. It is an inexhaustible source of antioxidants that helps to fight with free radicals, guaranteeing the health and strength of the body. Of course, you need to be careful not to overdo it. Eat from 30 to 140 grams of dark chocolate a day.

Consume more vitamin B


This small trace element increases the flow of blood to the brain. You can find certain vitamin in green leafy vegetables, whole wheat, meat, eggs and cheese. But it's also important not to overdo it! Consult your doctor about the appropriate dose of this vitamin for you. Folic acid, riboflavin, thiamine and niacin are parts of vitamin B composition. When you get vitamin B, you get a whole store of nutrients in one.

Avoid semi-finished and fast food


Many studies have shown healthy eating is directly related to higher IQ, especially in children. To keep the brain functioning at the highest level, stay away from harmful foods such as chips, cookies and convenience foods. It is better to cook at home by yourself — it will be useful for both the brain and the wallet.

Think of a cyclical starvation

Such a fasting procedure, as it has been proven, leads to an increase in brain power and its level of functioning. This is a fasting when you do not eat for 16 hours, and eat enough for 8 hours. This technique can also be used for weight control. Many people use cyclic fasting and observe excellent results in losing weight. But be careful — this technique is not suitable for everyone (elderly people, future mothers, children, and so on).


Do not overload your children! First of all, children need motivation, so if you push them too aggressively, they will not see any sense in what you are trying to teach them. As a result, children can constantly experience difficulties in learning a particular subject.

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