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What is an Average American's IQ Level?

Citizens of the whole world are under the close surveillance. On the basis of a systematic IQ test, a brief overview of the intelligence of some population groups, as well as the inhabitants of the states, has formed. The average IQ in the US is 98 (maximum of Hong Kong — 108).

Although there is an opinion that Americans are completely uneducated and non-ambitious people, test results are quite contradictory. Where have these results come from, if the existing average IQ is higher than in many other countries around the world? We all know that there is a class differentiation of people in America: poor, rich, educated, the inhabitants of small and large districts. People can live in new areas, as well as in those where drug addiction and murders are strained. In the country where there is a great variety of different cultures, what can you expect is all that is pleasing. It is very fashionable to use your mental abilities, as it helps to make plans for the future and see good perspectives.

Therefore, there are many successful people who operate in the business with intelligence and efficiency, constantly analyzing each situation in the United States. For example, let's look at the results of IQ tests of US presidents: Bill Clinton — 182, John F. Kennedy — 174, Barack Obama — 148. But, strangely enough, education of citizens is becoming worse every year. Why? Maybe it is because not everyone decides to devote their lives to universities after graduation.

As a result, Americans have become much worse off having basic knowledge. How about the fact that every fourth person is sure that the sun revolves around our planet? Basically, this is the problem of youth. Many young people now can not even take a test to go to military service. The IQ test conducted among them shows rather poor results, but a survey of 2,392 men and  women showed that most of them (61%), being confident in the importance of computer technologies in the modern world, stated that USB is an abbreviation for the name of the country and “Motherboard” is the deck of the ship. You can check the IQ by yourself in English and determine your level.

At the very moment, the Internet gives us unlimited possibilities for self-development, so it's very difficult to judge the education of Americans. Let's hope for positive progress, but meanwhile the average figure looks very good.

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